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Welcome to the Weston Chain Gang forum. We are a group of cyclists that ride regularly from Weston-super-Mare. We meet at Priory school on Saturday at 8:45. Rides vary in distance between 60 and 100 miles with a stop for cake. Ridet nec genere!

    Misha update

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    Misha update  Empty Misha update

    Post  anti-climb max on Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:39 pm

    Sunday 24th

    Misha has improved.

    No longer in a coma and now awake, though often sleepy. Has had bright conversations with Andy and Mars so his judgement hasn’t improved yet.

    Anyway, Andy will let me know when it’s appropriate, but we’ll go up to visit him soon. Cooked meats and fresh fruits are top of his wish list if you want to take him anything.

    Accident was head on with van but we’re not sure where in Axbridge it happened; my guess is not the bypass as a head on there may well have been fatal. Doctors say helmet saved him.

    Not sure if his bike’s okay

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