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Welcome to the Weston Chain Gang forum. We are a group of cyclists that ride regularly from Weston-super-Mare. We meet at Priory school on Saturday at 8:45. Rides vary in distance between 60 and 100 miles with a stop for cake. Ridet nec genere!

    Saturday 25th November - Almonsburyish

    anti-climb max

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    Saturday 25th November - Almonsburyish

    Post  anti-climb max on Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:13 pm

    Black cloud, 6 degrees.... but dry (you need to clutch at straws at his time of the year.)

    Wind is NE/ENE so we'll head off in that direction. We might end up in Almondsbury, we could go to the regular garden centre just this side of A depending on numbers, but the inside seating is limited; so if we've got a large crew, we could head on another 2 miles to the main Almondsbury Garden Centre (not been there before but I'm sure it's fine.)

    Route out will be Congresbury, Yatton should you wish to latch on.

    Total distance should be around 60 but we'll be riding through Bristol should you want to go shorter.

    PLEASE CAN I HAVE FINAL ORDERS FOR CHRISTMAS MEAL THIS WEEKEND (I'm giving numbers to Commodore on Monday.)

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    Coup d'etat

    Post  showmethecakes on Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:22 pm

    Most families have one. A lot of farmers have them too. But it's the first time I've seen a whole flock of black sheep on bicycles skulking off to Glastonbury. The shame of it. Not only did they feel the need to set off early to avoid any awkward questions they were too ashamed to log the ride on Strava when they returned. Skullduggery I say. Poor Neil busted a gut to catch the renegades thinking he'd missed the start of the ride only for them to scamper away like rats in a sewer.

    How was Glastonbury by the way? And happy birthday Paul.

    Anyway, back to the ride of the righteous.

    We held our heads high as we paraded through St George's. A fitting place for such nobility. Our standard bearer led from the front while his loyal troops followed up the A370. Our numbers swelled to 12 with forces joining from as far away as Welshland as our march into battle took us through Congresbury and Yatton. As Bristol loomed the cavalry charged slaying all in their path along Beggar Bush Lane. Onwards, onwards with thunderous speed, the charge continued with little heed. Through city streets and wide open spaces the people of Bristol had fear in their faces. All except one who foolishly cried: "Slow down young man, I damn nearly died". Our leader so calm merely replied: "What a fine day it is for a ride". What then ensued will pass into history as the battle of Druids Hill.

    I say 'battle' it was more like a bit of handbags with a motorist resulting in, and in no particular order, a car stopped in the middle of the road at a mini roundabout causing chaos, someone ending up horizontal on the pavement, a hunt for various parts of a pair of cycling glasses in some bushes and various members of the public doing their best to intervene and restrain a couple of individuals. I'll say no more as I stayed well out of it and further detail would be speculative at best.

    We then ambled through Dingly Dell which is always a pleasure to Blaise Castle where the group divided. Six continued to Almondsbury where two of them temporarily failed to find the cafe. After excellent refreshments we returned home. Our leader had clearly been wounded but nobly struggled on home to Weston.

    OJC: 1, KFC: 6/10, TTCR: 8/10. Mileage was about 70.

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    Re: Saturday 25th November - Almonsburyish

    Post  Martin on Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:43 am

    Well, what a tale. The battle of Bristol sounds quite hair raising. Will anyone be receiving a medal for services to cycling. My money is on Sir Paul Burns the Bread.
    Once word comes to mind - shambles. Well done to all those plucky riders.

    Our rebel alliance wasn't led by anyone in particular although I will blame Mars :-)
    I think most of us had intended to go to Almondsbury but when someone dangles the offer of an easy ride to Glastonbury, what can you do?
    We picked up some more defectors at Loxton including a new recruit called Tash. He looks very simular to Pete but with a big moustache.
    At Mark it was gridlock outside the shop with cars backed up in both directons. It turned out it was the shop assistant helping an old lady across the road. I'm not sure it was possbile for them to move any slower. We continued south but at river bridge the road was closed forcing us to negotiate someones front garden and then a very muddy road. After a mud removing session we continued on with Wayne doing a fine job on the front as we speeded into Glastonbury. There was a street market going on and we eat our toast and watched the local wild life in their best finery parade up and down. Service at Heaphys was abit terse and slow not to mention the £7.40 for 2 slices of toast and a coffee.
    The return journey was led by birthday boy Paul. We managed to cross Godney without getting wet. On the Wedmore to Cheddar road Wayne took the front again but this time his chain was having none of it and kept slipping, which is strange as he always maintains his bike so well :-). Suzy had a good day with a winning dash up Banwell hill. A great ride but i'm sure there will be hell to pay next week :-).

    TTCR = 0.5/5
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    Re: Saturday 25th November - Almonsburyish

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