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    saturday 6th september - shaftesbury 100+

    anti-climb max

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    saturday 6th september - shaftesbury 100+

    Post  anti-climb max on Wed Sep 03, 2014 5:08 pm

    forecast good, bbc are pretty confident of dry conditions with light winds and high teens, itv may have a forecast too for all i know, buy hey.

    i reckon we should take advantage and get in another long 'un before the summer finally gives up the ghost, announcing it early to allow for last minute training.

    this is a great route, about 65/70 miles out via podimore and sherborne and 45/50 back via bruton and glastonbury, we can 2 stop at heaphey's if we're feeling tired (pretty likely Embarassed )

    tri-stop can be glastonbury or podimore, we'll go pretty direct so glastonbury will only be 20/25.

    PS. i'll have a new kit design to show for those who are interested.
    anti-climb max

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    Re: saturday 6th september - shaftesbury 100+

    Post  anti-climb max on Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:24 pm

    bit bitty to begin with this ride. paul and i waited 10 minutes in winscombe for nick before giving up and riding on. in fairness, i don't think nick wanted us to wait for him but the mistake of waiting for nick had a great knock on effect. in the 5 minutes the large group had waited for paul and i in wedmore they had plotted their rebellion.

    unaware of the groups intentions, i headed off toward glastonbury to find half the group heading towards wells. safe to say, the usual shambles ensued, with riders scattered to the winds.

    by some miracle most of us met up again in glastonbury, though there could still be riders out there.

    the vast majority alighted at heaphey's whilst the A team headed further south.

    5 of the A team (A-ii) dropped off at podimore whilst team A-i pressed on to shaftesbury.

    the 5 of us in team A-i then enjoyed a fabulous ride in great conditions, with the exception of a mistaken turn which cost us an extra 3 miles the ride was pretty much perfect.

    a big thank you to jeannie, stewart and dave for their company and well done to paul for completing the distance.

    the cafe was excellent if a little warm inside; jeannie couldn't stand the heat and had to choose between stripping off and finding somewhere cooler, we suggested she should go outside. the food was terrific and pretty reasonable.

    stewart met some friendly motorists in glastonbury just before we took our 2nd stop at heaphey's for coffees and flapjacks.

    a great ride, let's see if we can stick together next week!?

    OJC: 5?
    TTC: 9 (shaftesbury)
    KF: 8 (one of the easiest 100's i've done)

    Travlin Worlebury

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    Re: saturday 6th september - shaftesbury 100+

    Post  Travlin Worlebury on Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:07 pm

    A place of great disorder.
    You know what, we are getting rather good at it.
    Having said that what followed was for me one of the best rides of the year. Five of us eventually made our way to Shaftsbury on good roads and lanes.
    Well done to Ivan and Paul on conquering the cobbles on Gold Hill.
    Thanks Ivan for a great route and day out, and also to Paul for behaving himself.
    Home to home 198km.

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    A2 report

    Post  showmethecakes on Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:27 pm

    I'll try to be brief as I should be doing work ready for tomorrow.

    Usual menu at Le Petit Chef although Marcus had trouble deciding whether or not tommy K should go on the scrambled egg/bacon part of his American breakfast or on the maple syrup pancakes. Sam gave us a run through of some of the current bargains to be had on e-bay including a vintage ladies bike with a touch of rust (skip find), a 700C rear wheel or unknown pedigree (care of Sue Ryder) and various ladies shoes. Best not to ask!

    Started the ride home in a shower of rain which stopped shortly after leaving Podimore. Followed the usual route up to Butleigh and across to Glastonbury where we lost Sam. I was a little surprised that he couldn't hold a wheel at 27 mph! Waited for about 10 mins at Heaphys but no show, so we retraced our route all the way back to the hill at Butleigh Wooton. Still no sign. We donned scuba gear and performed a co-ordinated search of any water filled ditches we could find. Still no luck. We stopped short of the full rectal examination of bemused looking cows. Afterall, we couldn't be sure Sam hadn't left the road at an unfortunate angle and got wedged somewhere he shouldn't.

    Gave up and returned via Godney etc. Extreme disappointment on the riders faces as we passed Daggs Lane and took the easier option at Mudgley. Nick cramped up somewhere between Wedmore and Cheddar but I think we all got home safely. Except maybe Sam. Anyone want a Basso Bike? Needs dung removed before riding. Also - cow for sale. High5 on tap - straight from the udder.

    OJC: 3 I think.
    TTCR: 7/10 (they clearly do not understand that beans on toast means beans on toast, not toast with beans on the side!)
    KFC: 8.5/10
    Distance: 76 miles for me at ave of 18's.

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    Re: saturday 6th september - shaftesbury 100+

    Post  Martin on Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:35 pm

    Great reports.

    25 - 30 riders. Nice to see Marcus. Ivan was wearing the new club shirt - the Shambles Cycling Club. Enough said.
    Entertainment was provided by a local painter decorator van when its trailer detatched itself and proceeded to overtake the van.
    After deliberations at Glastonbury as to who was stopping where. 11 proceeded on to Podimore where we split again with five of us stopping at The Little Chef. We enjoyed Sams stories - ebay, shoes, bikes in skips, etc.
    The return leg to Glastonbury was at a fast pace and we managed to lose Sam. Despite sending out a full search party we failed to locate him and presumed he had found another bike in the river which was worth retrieveing to sell on ebay.
    I vote we demote Marcus to the A1 team as he managed to rip my legs off on the way back home.

    I've just checked Strava and I can seen Sam made it home. It looks like he took a left at the roundabout at the bottome of the hill just before entering Glastonbury high street so he probably got home before us :-)

    OJC: 6?
    TTC: 7 bacon and brown bread
    KF: 9.1 (one of the toughest 75 miles but i am unfit)
    Stats - http://ridewithgps.com/trips/3405134

    Sam roth

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    Re: saturday 6th september - shaftesbury 100+

    Post  Sam roth on Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:58 am

    Lol I got back safe and sound! Thanks for waiting but I Didn't no which way you went so I stayed on that road hoping to catch up. 27mph was to much fair play to you. I lost some spokes coming down banwell hill so iv ordered new ones so hopefully I'll have them fitted for next ride. I got my first KOM on strava so I'm well happy!! Although it was down hill and the segment is called do or die corner!! Thanks for a good ride.

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    Re: saturday 6th september - shaftesbury 100+

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