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Welcome to the Weston Chain Gang forum. We are a group of cyclists that ride regularly from Weston-super-Mare. We meet at Priory school on Saturday at 8:45. Rides vary in distance between 60 and 100 miles with a stop for cake. Ridet nec genere!

    B Team Report - Langport 14 June 2014


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    B Team Report - Langport 14 June 2014

    Post  showmethecakes on Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:38 pm

    The B Team stopped off in Kelways Garden centre for refreshments. Basically they offer a similar line up of food and drink to The Potting Shed although the cake selection did not look as appealing. Only one giggling girl who appeared to have left her giggle at the potting shed. Service was good and prices okay although Bernie's tea looked like hot milky water. After many minutes fondling his bag there was still no sign of any strength in it. His tea looked a better colour though.

    The return leg was via the delightful Langport (goodness knows why the ToB went through it), Burrowbridge, Chedzoy, Bawdrip, Cossington, Woolavington etc. A word of warning for any other unsuspecting cyclists who venture through the hinterlands of Burrowbridge - beware of the trolls that live by the side of the road. You must heed the cry of "Slow down, slow down!" which most of us ignored. However, the good citizen Marcella stopped to asked why and was given the answer: "This is Gypsy land." No doubt if she had waited around much longer her steed would have been stripped of its wheels and placed on bricks.

    At Chedzoy we took the cycle path to Bawdrip, just to annoy Paul S as he was out on his best bike. To add insult to injury we then went up the cycle path to Cossington where Paul had to deal with all sorts of horrors such as leaves and twigs. Mike then stopped to help a man and wife out on their bikes and got involved in a bit of pumping. He looked quite puffed out when he rejoined us (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more...). The sprint kicked off around Keith Corner. I say kicked off, it sort of rose to a gentle simmer like a pot of potatoes, eventually hitting the dizzy speed of 24 mph through East Huntspill before an ignorant motorist cocked everything up. We re-grouped at Watchfield after Bernie limped in looking like a foaming horse at the end of the Grand National. Some good work on the front by Andy, Andy and (anyone else want to join who's called Andy?) Paul S on an otherwise uneventful ride home.

    Stats: KFC 6/10
    TTCR: 8/10 - not as good as the Potting Shed but still okay and reasonable value
    68 miles, average speed 28.5 mph (I think that's what it was - haven't checked yet). Sorry - correction, I've just checked and that should be 27.5 (and that's kph, not mph) Very Happy

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    Re: B Team Report - Langport 14 June 2014

    Post  Martin on Sun Jun 15, 2014 8:45 pm

    Great report. How do you fancy doing some freelance reporting for the 'A' team :-)

    We also took the 'pave' cycle path along the Bridgwater canal from Chedzoy to Baldrip and then up the cycle path from Baldrip to Woolavington. The only reason for this was to make the journey home slightly shorter.

    No pumping from our team except from Jeanie who did some press up on the wall of the cafe!

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