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Welcome to the Weston Chain Gang forum. We are a group of cyclists that ride regularly from Weston-super-Mare. We meet at Priory school on Saturday at 8:45. Rides vary in distance between 60 and 100 miles with a stop for cake. Ridet nec genere!

    Saturday 26th April - glastonsweetsfenneysish

    anti-climb max

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    Saturday 26th April - glastonsweetsfenneysish

    Post  anti-climb max on Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:58 pm

    forecast for heavy showers but ok until 11am, APPARENTLY. given the amount of wind forecast i guess anything can happen.

    so, rather than commit to a destination we'll head south, into the 20mph wind, and see where we end up.

    we'll head out to burtle and make it up from there.

    if dry, we could make our way up the cockrod, it's one of my favourites (google map it)

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    Re: Saturday 26th April - glastonsweetsfenneysish

    Post  Pirate on Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:41 pm

    I was actually quite pleased with Saturday's ride, particularly because the weather wasn't quite as bad as expected.

    The amount of people gathered at Priory was markedly less than normal. In fact there was nobody there at all. By the time I arrived the peloton was already ploughing its way towards Kewstoke. My reputation now firmly established I chose to chase the group down in my usual way. Apart from a little 'showboating' on the Toll Road, the group (including me) made its merry way down the seafront, heading for Brent Knoll - the destination was Somerton.

    By the way, nice to see Andy Franks out, and getting slimmer too!

    After some had relieved themselves of early morning tea, coffee and orange juice (freshly squeezed) we proceeded across the Mark Causeway. I should say 'battled' across, because the headwind was very apparent and thwarted any foolhardy attempts at a breakaway. After Shapwick we dropped the '220' guys off at Truckers and then the most enjoyable drop down Pedwell and across the A39.

    So now, here we go, the usual rant across the levels towards High Ham. Ivan and 'Toolbag Andy' pushed the pace a little on the front and oh dear, the group has splintered. No problem though, we're on their wheel preparing ourselves for the first challenge of the day - Ham Hill. No real threats from behind then, which is just as well because we're now at the base of the climb and . . . . .

    we turn left !

    So we're not doing the climb then?!!

    Now the group is only 7 and after we realised there was no one else coming we headed off to Somerton along some of the cleanest lanes I've ridden - not! Really glad I brought the winter bike out. The cafe was pleasant enough, but whilst munching on breakfast rolls and Rocky Roads we noticed a slight dulling of the skies. Riding out of Somerton was a damp affair, but it only lasted about 10 minutes and was to be the only wetting of the day.

    We took the easterly road out through Kingsweston and the usual rant into Glastonbury via what is known as the Butleigh Straight. Working hard on the front is great if you want to get fit and strong, but if you want a good Strava result Neil . . . .

    So congratulations to Mr Burstow for claiming the Strava KOM on the rise into Glastonbury. The 'Butleigh Road Bump' will now become a target for the rest of us I'm sure. Godney was next and then the Dagg Lane killer climb up to the top of Mudgley. The Wedmore to Cheddar run is always a rant and it didn't disappoint with Neil claiming another victory after my legs had popped. When I've finished writing this I'm going to look up the word 'draughting.'

    When I got home, my legs were telling me that the knacker factor was around the 8 mark, but perhaps Martin could be so kind as to provide the official stats?

    The ride was good for us, which is more than I can say for poor Malcolm who came a cropper on his return through Shapwick. Get well soon Mal. Hope to see you out soon!


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    Re: Saturday 26th April - glastonsweetsfenneysish

    Post  stubble07 on Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:38 pm

    Butleigh Draught. Sounds like a good name for a Beer

    Oh was I the KOM, I didn't know. Surprised 

    My legs were fine when I got home.

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    Re: Saturday 26th April - glastonsweetsfenneysish

    Post  Martin on Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:08 am

    Thanks for the report Nick.
    You forgot to mention Neils master class in puncture repairs on Godney Moor :-)

    OJC - 1
    TTC - 7.5/10. Teacake ok and cookie very good. This was a new cafe we hadn't been to before. Bike parking a bit limited. The 'Full of Beans' cafe opposite might be worth a try next time as they have bike parking around the back.
    KF - 8.8 due to my poor form
    Stats: http://ridewithgps.com/trips/2540608

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    Re: Saturday 26th April - glastonsweetsfenneysish

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